My Story

With a career spanning multiple decades of dedicated service, I have assumed various roles that reflect my commitment to security, investigation, and community engagement.

Commencing on May 9, 2022, I undertook the role of Physical Security Specialist for the Northeast Region Office of Security and Integrity. Before this engagement, my professional journey led me through a distinguished tenure as a Detective Sergeant with the Colchester Police Department. Marking a significant milestone in May of 2021, I retired from this role after three decades of unwavering service. During my tenure, I dedicated a decade to the Special Investigation Unit, garnering an impressive collection of awards and recognitions that underscored my contributions.

Post-retirement, I extended my capabilities by dedicating ten months to the State of Vermont as an Investigator for Adult Protective Services before embarking on a new chapter with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Enforcement Removal Operations Division.

My military background adds a further dimension to my professional narrative. Having culminated a fulfilling military career as a Master Sergeant, I retired from the US Army/ARNG in October of 2014 after a commendable span of service exceeding 30 years. A defining moment in my military journey involved deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, where I assumed the pivotal role of Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of a Combat Outpost and Personal Security Detail. The culmination of these efforts resulted in being awarded the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation Medal, with my experiences being immortalized in the book "Outside the Wire in Blue," authored by David Shearman and James"JT"Taman.

Education has remained an essential facet of my journey. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Charter Oak State College, a testament to my commitment to knowledge and expertise in my field. Beyond the professional sphere, I am honored to serve as the Commander for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 26-2, an organization dedicated to supporting fellow veterans.

In my community roles, I extend my passion for sports and mentorship. As a high school and youth football, basketball, softball, and baseball coach, I channel my leadership abilities to shape the future generation. I have also been an esteemed High School Basketball Official and a member of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials for two decades, attesting to my dedication.

Life beyond these endeavors finds me residing in Fairfax, VT, alongside my wife. As a family-oriented individual, I relish the moments spent with loved ones, including our cherished animals. My pursuits encompass reading, weightlifting, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

I have demonstrated my commitment to service, security, and community in every capacity, embodying values that have guided my journey and shaped my endeavors.

Strategic Security and Protection Management

“Live Life to Leave a Legacy”